ADHD social media coaching


You've signed up for webinars about how to grow an audience on Instagram but left them feeling completly overwhelmed and defeated (if you even remembered to show up in the first place). You've gotten as far as setting up your YouTube channel but now don't know what exactly to do next. You just started a solopreneur venture you're ready to launch but don't know how to gather an audience or may be struggling with clarity surrounding your ideal client.

Working one on one with Kamden you can expect support in the following areas:

Helping you get clear on your purpose, mission, vision and values for your project/business.

Identify not only the specific audience you want to serve but HOW your specific personality and strengths can best serve them ONLINE.

Patiently break down the steps to set up and engage with your preferred social platforms never pushing faster or harder than your brain and body can handle.

Structure your website or sales page using proven marketing strategies and clear and dialed in messaging.

Guidance to create branding that aligns with your mission and sparks feelings of pride.

Learn how to connect to your community professionally and effectively.

Learn proven social media strategies that work with not against the ADHD brain.

hi! i'm kamden

At 36 years old, with three young kids, following a mental breakdown, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD. Through telling my story on social media I created a very supportive following on TikTok of over 100K followers. I have managed to steadily grow and support my online audience through Instagram, podcasting, creating an online consultation business, group coaching platform, building an effective website, setting up my own YouTube channel, and now helping people just like you navigate their business on social media.

My whole life I have been inspired by authentic positivity by the stories of people with resiliency, grit, determination, and genius. As a sixth grade teacher I started our day with quotes of positivity, as a humanitarian I led groups outside of their comfort zone, and as a mother, I have learned the power of compassion paired with realistic expectations. I have often called myself “The queen of good enough.” You don’t’ have to lose your soul in social media in order to make a significant impact.

It is now my joy to help you and other solopreneurs with busy brains like ours, narrow in on our greatest strengths and put them to work for our passion projects and dream businesses. Let’s create real results through learning online Social Marketing, building confidence in messaging and offers as well as finding and establishing your own powerful brand online.

Can’t wait to talk!



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